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The Tutu Shop emerged from the happiest of occasions. One that has lead to so many more elegantly mesh-ruffled adventures for an ever-growing number of gorgeously dressed women and children all over the world! 

I’m Isabelle Dumortier. An entrepreneur with a DIY obsession. It just so happened that it fell upon my head to organize a girlfriend’s bachelorette party in Dubai. There’s nothing I love more than putting my enthusiastic organisation skills to good use planning a themed party (my heaven!). Though digital strategy is my usual playground, after much Googling and Pinning, I landed on a theme that’d capture some elegant magic, with a whole lotta chic for this special occasion with my girls. 


Before long I found myself knee deep in the search for a decent tutu. It was a wild and messy hunt, but I eventually landed on a small shop in Amsterdam who had some in stock. I was happy to be able to fulfill my vision, but yet not entirely satisfied with the quality of the garments. Being the kind of girl to jump on my inspired impulses, I set to making one myself, just to see.

This snap of our crew from the bachelorette launched The Tutu Shop. With over 2000 likes and 300 and something reactions, it became quite clear that there were many other ladies out there in search of their own tutu dream.

The next adventure in my tutu was to the fabulous realm of fashionistas, the dazzling Monaco. If anyone knows fashion, it’s these women. I was stopped by more than 15 different people during my tutu wearing excursions (…the one I made myself!). Then I just knew I had to share the fun of delicately flowing mesh with as many women as possible. So I decided to start an online tutu shop.

Now, not to blow my own trumpet, but I’ve got an award or two for online strategy under my belt, so I was thrilled to put my expertise to good use getting The Tutu Shop brand and web shop up and running in the blink of an eye! I rallied every tutu-lover in my phonebook and captured some gorgeous moments of friends and family looking fabulous in our range of tutu designs. It wasn’t long before the likes of Elle Magazine, Nina Magazine and others were getting as excited as we were about our fairy-tale attire!

We have launched in May 2016 and have one pop-up open in Knokke on Dumortierlaan 99, where you can find us open every day during school holidays and weekends until October 9th.

And so The Tutu Shop began.

Sharing a touch of whimsical elegance with stylish dreamers throughout many lands. Different styles to inspire different minds. To make you look like one of a kind. 

Our tutus come in double or triple layers for extra volume. Check out our size guide. Available in Small & Medium.

What are you dreaming of? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message about your own tutu fantasy.

Lots of Love,